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  • Raspberry Diesel



    Instant euphoria and focus

    (PAN AM) Current Batch Test Results: CLICK HERE

    (COORS) Current Batch Test Results: CLICK HERE

    (PAN AM) 17.1%THC / 0.1% CBD

    (COORS) 17.4%THC / 0.1% CBD

    • TYPE: Sativa
    • GENETICS: (Humboldt Seed Organization)Cherry Afghan x Sour Diesel #2
    • TASTE: Sweet berry overtones finish with strong petrol-filled undertones. Very smooth.
    • EFFECTS: Euphoric
  • Mimosa



    Mimosa is a great day time strain if you are looking for something to help you focus.

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    14.9%THC / 0.0% CBD

    • TYPE: Sativa
    • GENETICS: (Symbiotic Genetics)Clementine X Purple Punch
    • TASTE: Lemon filled with undertones of citrus.
    • EFFECTS: This strain is very uplifting, offsetting a burst of energy.