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Mimosa is a great day time strain if you are looking for something to help you focus.

(PAN AM MENU) Current Batch Test Results:  CLICK HERE

(COORS MENU) Current Batch Test Results:  CLICK HERE

(PAN AM MENU) 17.1%THC / 0.0% CBD

(COORS MENU) 16.5%THC / 1.3% CBD

  • TYPE: Sativa
  • GENETICS: (Symbiotic Genetics)Clementine X Purple Punch
  • TASTE: Lemon filled with undertones of citrus.
  • EFFECTS: This strain is very uplifting, offsetting a burst of energy.


Mimosa Terpene Profile
Top Five Terpenes
Alpha Pinene – 35.90% – Memory Retention, Alertness
Limonene – 25.33% – Elevated Mood, Stress Relief
Beta Pinene – 18.43% – Memory Retention, Alertness
Myrcene – 5.06% – Sedating, Relaxing, Enhances THC
Caryophyllene – 4.77% – Anti-inflammatory

Mimosa terpene profile

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  1. Leahanna H.

    I enjoy this flower mainly because it’s a perfect study flower, it helps with concentration as well as keeps you perked up as opposed to some that make you overly relaxed. Great for daytime use and mellow high

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