Cannabis Dosage

Cannabis, as medicine, as evolved considerably over the last decades. The genetics of the plants have been bred to improve specific traits, such as improved THC, CBD, CBN potency levels, higher yields, shorter flowering times and much more.

Safely Dosing your Medicine

Improved growing techniques also contribute to potency levels and overall quality of medicine. These improvements across the board result in differing effects, particularly for the user. Regardless of any cannabis usage in the past, HDR insists that our patients be aware of the potential effects of medical use of cannabis. If you are new to cannabis or want to understand potential side effects, please visit here.

Start Slow!

Dosing medical cannabis unfortunately in not an exact science. Regardless of the consistency of medicine, you are the “X-Factor.”  Know that your body mass, age, metabolism, sex, and body chemistry will affect the effectiveness of the medicine. Thus, when consuming cannabis, please start slow.


Many users prefer to inhale or smoke cannabis because of its almost immediate effects and relief provided. Many times, one dose or ‘hit’ should be sufficient for the effect to take place. To not overly consume or be wasteful, start with one dose. Wait a few minutes to experience effects or lack thereof. If necessary, repeat as needed until desired effects are achieved.

Please note: We also recommend keeping a journal to record results for future use. Take note of strain name, potency, type (Indica, Sativa, Hybrid), as well as effect experiences, duration and any other pertinent information of note.


Do not take edibles on an empty stomach.

Many edibles are made with concentrated THC and or CBD oils, then dosed accordingly into cannabis-derived products. Most often, edibles are ‘stronger’ than smoked flower, with longer lasting effects. Also, edibles take longer for your body to process than the almost immediate effects of smoking. Thus, the dosage should be small when trying a product that you are not familiar with. Please allow up to 90 minutes for the medicine to take maximum effect.

When dosing, please note the time of initial dose:

If using Serenity Chocolate: (180 mg THC), do not take more than one square for the initial dose. If the desired effect is not achieved after 90 minutes, take another square.

If using Karma Cookies: (100 mg), do not take more than 1/4 piece of cookie for the initial dose. If the desired effect is not achieved after 90 minutes, take another quarter.

If using Karma Candies: (250 mg THC), do not take more than one piece for the initial dose. If the desired effect is not achieved after 60* minutes, take another piece.

Please note: Karma Candies have a different delivery method than other edibles. The medicine in the candy is absorbed into your blood stream through your mouth, not digested as in other edibles. Thus, the effect onsets sooner than traditional eaten medicine.

Drug Interaction

A drug interaction should always be considered when taking more than one medication.

Cannabis and THC have been shown to alter the absorption and elimination of other drugs. Because of the possible additive or synergistic action, cannabis should not be used in combination with alcohol, sedatives, or sleeping pills as increased sedation one potential outcome.

Please make sure to inform your medical provider of your cannabis usage so they are aware of the potential conflict with other medications.

Are you 21 years of age or older or 18+ with a valid medical ID?

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