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Cannabis Reform Scores Big Wins In Midterms

November 8, 2018

Marijuana reformers enjoyed numerous federal, state, and local victories last night. Here are the highlights. STATE BALLOT INITIATIVES Florida: Sixty-three percent of Florida voters approved Amendment 4, which amends the state constitution to restore voting privileges to those with non-violent felony convictions – including tens of thousands of those convicted of marijuana-related offenses. Passage of […]

Michigan becomes 10th state to legalize recreational pot; other measures pass in Missouri and Utah

November 7, 2018

By Craig Giammona and Courtney DentchBloomberg The legal U.S. cannabis market just got a little greener. In midterm elections that saw Democrats gain control of the House and reaffirmed Republican control of the Senate, more states also voted to legalize marijuana. The outcome will help expand a U.S. pot market that could be worth $75 […]

Louisville poised to tweak marijuana buffers, limits on stores

November 6, 2018

A series of proposed code tweaks could eliminate caps on how many marijuana retailers are allowed within Louisville and slash the city’s current school buffer requirements. In part an effort to align the city’s marijuana business codes with those of liquor stores — an initiative city officials called for earlier this year — the bid […]

Michigan, North Dakota weigh bringing legal marijuana to Midwest

November 6, 2018

DETROIT — Voters in Michigan and North Dakota will decide Tuesday whether to legalize recreational marijuana, which would make them the first states in the Midwest to do so and would put conservative neighboring states on notice. More than half the states have already legalized medical marijuana, and Utah and Missouri could join their ranks […]

Where marijuana is on the ballot Tuesday – and where it’s most likely to win

November 5, 2018

It has been a big year for marijuana policy in North America. Mexico’s supreme court overturned pot prohibition last week, while Canada’s recreational marijuana market officially opened its doors in October. Stateside, recreational marijuana use became legal in Vermont on July 1, Oklahoma voters approved one of the country’s most progressive medical marijuana bills in […]

Recent California conviction of stoned driver shows potentially deadly consequences of driving high

November 4, 2018

By Jason Kotowski While alcohol-related DUIs remain far more common, this past week a case involving a motorist prosecutors say was solely under the influence of marijuana provided a stark example of the danger of driving while stoned. Prosecutors say John Sebastian Hernandez, 23, smoked pot before getting behind the wheel in June of last […]

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