Blue Dream

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Instant euphoria and focus

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22.5%THC / 0.4%CBD

  • TYPE: Sativa
  • GENETICS: Blueberry x Haze Hybrid
  • TASTE: Sweet berry overtones finish with strong petrol-filled undertones. Very smooth.
  • EFFECTS: Uplifting, focused, but calming.


Blue Dream Terpene Profile
Top Five Terpenes
Alpha Pinene – 55.15% – Memory Retention, Alertness
Beta Pinene – 17.08% – Memory Retention, Alertness
Myrcene – 15.49% – Sedating, Relaxing, Enhances THC
Beta Caryophyllene – 2.93% – Pain Relief
Limonene – 2.90% – Elevated Mood, Stress Relief

2 reviews for Blue Dream

  1. Elfie

    My all-time favorite, it’s the only strain that truly helps me. Euphoric and calming at the same time. This shop is a really nice shopping experience too.

  2. Mark Delgado

    I’ve used Blue Dream since the start of the medical marijuana program in New Mexico. It’s the one strain that delivers the effects as described and advertised, consistently! It is a smooth, long-acting bud.

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